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Our centre is dedicated to the welfare of barn owls & birds of prey

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Interaction with our birds on specially designed nature experiences

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About the charity

The Barn Owl Centre is now settled & established within its new home at Netheridge Farm, located on the outer ring road (A430) close to Hempsted Village, Gloucester. For those who are new to our organisation, we moved to Netheridge Farm from a previous location in Brockworth on the 8th March 2008.

The 12.5 acre farm we have moved into was leased to our charity by Gloucester City Council; we have been given a supportive long-term lease for a period of 99 years with a peppercorn rent period for the first 25 years, over time we have asked if the farm could be sold to us to which the answer was no, this was to be under a lease basis only.

The farm was in need of a lot of TLC when it was handed to us in its derelict state. Before we moved from our previous location at Brockworth to Netheridge, we took the route of re-building within a temporary area, this was from scratch with very little funding to hand, this made the task very difficult & harder than we expected! Over time we achieved what we set out to do.


Our Mission Statement

  1. To advance the conservation and preservation of the wild barn owl and other British owls and raptor species through environmental projects and research studies.
  2. To promote and encourage the biodiversity and conservation of all wildlife.
  3. To conserve, maintain and protect all land managed by the charity for the benefit of the environment, wildlife and mankind.
  4. To provide and maintain a working centre complete with nature reserve and to offer amenity and recreational areas and activities where the public can enjoy and be educated about the ecology and preservation of owls, raptors and other wildlife species including flora.
  5. To provide a sanctuary to aid the rescue and rehabilitation of owls and raptors.
  6. To advance public education on owl and raptor welfare and husbandry.


The Barn Owl Centre is a registered charity dedicated to community education, conservation and bird welfare
Charity. No : 1097410
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